How would the result of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election affect India?

Seldom has there been an event that draws the eyes of the entire world like the U.S. Presidential Election of 2020 — The clash between two titans: Joe Biden and Donald Trump, in particular. As yet, nothing can be surmised about the results; but what can be is finding out what actually is at stake here, in particular, for India.

So what is at stake?… Democracy?… Human Rights?… or Privacy? Safety? Maybe all, or maybe none; but what can be said with utmost corroboration, is that RELATIONSHIPS are at stake. Yes, whether said otherwise or not, the selection of POTUS can have either a detrimental or a benign effect on India.

Strategic relations with India

India, today, is gaining momentum not only as a political and nuclear power, but also as an economic power, which becomes reason enough for the U.S. to prioritise India in its bid to subdue China, and thereby Pakistan, an ally of China and adversary of India.

The incumbent president, Donald Trump, shares a rather cordial relation with Prime minister Narendra Modi, also maintaining a disputed stance on the supposed adversary of India — Pakistan. India — US relationships, from Howdy Modi! to Namaste Trump, have gone from strength to strength over the past four years (albeit instances where he called India ‘filthy’ just to gain points in the Presidential debate exist). Also on the defence front, military spending is at $13 billion. So, obviously there is more to gain and less to lose if Trump is re-elected.

The coming of Biden to power, however, does little good to the subcontinent of India. Why? Simply because of his “congenial” relation with Pakistan and conflicting views with India. The democrats have been very vocal on the ‘internal matters’ of India and supposed atrocities in India under the current Administration of Narendra Modi, which the republicans have been careful not to.

Biden was awarded Pakistan’s second highest civilian honour and was also instrumental in bringing about the proposal of providing $1.5 billion in military aid to Pakistan. Thich raises further concerns for India as it would mean the resurgence of the era of diplomatic relations between U.S. and Pakistan.

In conclusion, the next POTUS would have two major responsibilities: protecting the American people and safeguarding their interests. The latter indefinitely leads to economic rivalry with China, which further is in the interests of India. So, whether or not the next POTUS supports India or not is a game to be decided. Could the tables turn?…only time will tell.

DISCLAIMER: The author bears a neutral stand in this context and the content is not in support of any person, be he/she political or apolitical. This is solely the view of the writer and must not be taken otherwise.

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